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Online Course:

Email Marketing: Beginner to Intermediate

By Marcia Hunt, Founder | Macventure, B2B Sales Agency

Course length: 4 hours

What If Each Email You Sent Returned You A Fifty Percent Return On Investment?

Email marketing remains the online KING for businesses. That is, if you do it right. This course will teach you how to:


Improve Internal & External Communication

There are many reasons you should make email marketing one of your top priorities but email is still the best way to make sales online. In simple terms it just converts better.

It’s also still the #1 communication channel

Everyone uses email even more, and that’s why it remains the absolute best channel for digital marketing and sales.

Here’s the thing … email provides you the most direct line of communication with your audience. That makes it crucial for converting prospects into sales. Did you know that at least 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis?

We’ll show you how to improve your personalized communication and how to perfect your email content and sequences so you can build interest and create powerful content that drives results.

Set Up Multi-Channel Campaigns From Your Inbox

Automate Cold Email Outreach and discover how to grow a large subscriber base fast.

Create campaigns with a variety of touches (manual email, automated email, phone call, manual task, LinkedIn InMail) for maximum impact.

Learn how to be setup for data-driven email success and what types of data help move the needle.

Automation Tools To Transform Your Business


Learn how to automate your email sequence for each of your segments.

We will share the best email automation tools you can use for everything including list building, email marketing automation, tracking and monitoring, and testing.

Your Full Course Curriculum

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing Nuts & Bolts, Start to Finish.

You get the complete online eight week course. 

What we’ll be showing you throughout the rest of this email course is exceptionally detailed,
step-by-step course to show you exactly how you can easily automate your Cold Email Outreach.

1. Email Marketing Basics Plus

What we’ll be showing you throughout the rest of this email course is how to make what you say to your audience – whether over email – more relevant to them.

3 things you should always do in email marketing and 3 things you should never do. (Plus some killer examples to borrow from!)

Topics covered:

  • You’ll also get the ins and outs of email marketing.
  • Know the law of how things work in today’s privacy-focused world.
  • Show you how to Maximize your email marketing by avoiding the spam folder. Does GDPR Affect Cold Emailing?
  • How to build strong A/B testing that gets results
  • You’ll discover the most effective email outreach strategies.


2. How To Get New Clients

Learn how to cold contact and reach out to prospects on their terms & get on their calendar.


3. How To Automate Your Cold Email Outreach Step By Step

Topics covered: Learn how to build lists, what to send that work and how to make your email marketing data driven.



4. The Email Sequence To Book Sales Meetings

The real power house of email marketing lies in your ability to leverage automation in order to get more done. 
Scheduling sales meetings can be frustrating and a waste of time. This is why you need to set some rules for your sales meetings and start leveraging automation in order to get more done.

Topics covered: We’ll show you how to automate your Email Sequences to book sales meetings with your ideal customers. 

5. Favorite Power Tools For Cold Outreach

Topics covered:

We’ll share with you our favorite Power Tools for cold email outreach. 


6. How To Build A Winning Sales Cadence

Managing your day to get the most success can be a challenge. It’s not hard to get focused on doing the wrong sales activities first and working your way into a sales slump with a dry pipeline.

Having a sales cadence that works is critical to not only help structure your day but also helps create predictable revenue!


BONUS: We’ll show best strategies for getting email addresses.

Let Me Explain What This Course Is NOT

You’re not going to learn basic “marketing 101” or any fluff or filler content, either. Nor will you learn any complex marketing theories. No pie-in-the-sky theory. No puffy promises. You’ll learn real-life, actionable insights and money making strategies, that you can quickly and easily apply into your business and see results in just days (not months or years like other courses).

This Course Is Right For You If…

  • More clarity about what it takes to attract more of your ideal clients.
  • If you want to optimize and Improve your email content and start getting returns on your email marketing.
  • If you haven’t had any formal email training in marketing but you want to be able to build an automated system to capture leads online and send them marketing messages.
  • Ideal course for people looking for diverse knowledge around email marketing and helping multiple clients with varying needs.

In Just 6 Sessions, You’ll Be Able To…


  • Optimize your email list growth to grow your revenue from email.
  • Turn your email program into data-driven marketing machine that drives results.
  • Improve your email content to grow your return on email investment.

When You Enroll In in this course TODAY… 



Teach you email marketing methods that speeds up your sales cycle by customizing your marketing messages based on your prospect’s behavior.

How to build a scalable process to generate sales on demand

Which Power Tools to use for cold emails

How to build strong A/B testing that gets results

How to Avoid Spam 2020

Price: $ 250 USD

Level: Beginner to Intermediate



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