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We help organizations build pipelines that generate significant ROI.

We’re a services agency dedicated to providing a continuous stream of creative learning and consulting solutions that equip you to be the best at what you do.

We put available resources to their best use and work with you to help you attract more of your ideal clients.



  • Marketing Content 86% 86%
  • Email Marketing 72% 72%
  • Sales Sourcing 87% 87%


… a sales & marketing development team that quickly grasps your vision and designs and develops your sales /marketing funnel that converts…

… having a consistent flow of qualified leads filling your pipeline…

… a one-stop solution to your sales needs that actually delivers on the promise of guaranteed meetings with your ideal clients, every single quarter …

At Macventure we share your passion for making a positive impact in the world through business.

We see our work together as a dynamic partnership that results in a win-win-win outcome for you, us and your end customers.


Happy Clients

We offer flexible, convenient payment options to help you become successful ASAP.



Nice Price Tag

Our services are driven by flat-fee tasks designed to keep you current in the technological era.

You don’t buy hours.  Just results.



Our mission is to give our clients not only deep leads but the mechanism to reach out to those cold leads in an effective way. 


Guaranteed Results

We guarantee meetings with your ideal client every single quarter.

Consistent Flow Of Qualified Leads

We’ll have you getting qualified leads and guaranteed appointments with interested decision makers and closed deals to grow faster.

Sales Pages That Convert

We’ll help you create inspiring, standout content that speaks to heart of buyer motivations and interest.

Inspiring, Standout Content

We’ll ensure your content is original, up to date and a joy to interact with.

Nice Price Tag

Our services are driven by flat-fee tasks. We minimize risks and costs and accelerate returns. 

Significant Business Advantage

 We help our clients by taking over elements of their sales process that we can do better or faster under a fully managed and supported environment.


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 Hi. I’m Marcia Turley

I help business  owners  grow their business!

After working as a Marketing & Sales Consultant for over a decade, I discovered two problems:

– Most business owners have trouble finding great clients.

– Business owners – who desperately need better copy – don’t know where to find great copywriters. So I created Macventure.

If you’re looking to acquire new customers for your business or need great content for your website, then there’s a number of ways I can help you.

I’ve spent my career working on innovative ways to scale up customer acquisition across a range of industries.

After helping established businesses double and sometimes even triple their revenue, I have perfected an approach that allows service-based business owners land higher-paying clients…

How I can help

If you’re not sure how to transform an interested prospect into a paying client without feeling like a pushy salesman? Or if you’re confused on where you’re going to find your new clients, who want to pay you for what you do then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what I will help you with. Whether you’ve struggled with sales in the past, or don’t really have a culture that supports internal sales at this point, you still need someone whose role is solely focused on bringing in new business.

My main focus is to help you turn sales into profit by showing you how to automate your sales.   I can help you find new clients who want to pay you for what you do.  I can also help you become great at email marketing.  I do this by showing you how to build lists fast and showing you how to engage with your audience and create more sales starting TODAY!


How We Differ

What makes Macventure different from other  communities?

Our expertise is sales and marketing. Our sales training programs are designed to address every sales skill needed to build pipelines, empower your team and sell with confidence.

We offer customized sales and management trainings built on proven techniques that are simple yet highly effective.

If your looking to get started here’s what to do next. Step up your power selling skills by joining our sales training program –SALES ACCELERATOR.

Book an Initial Strategy Call with Macventure Team.

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Ready to grow your agency?



Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Looking For More Clients

You’ll have access and be able to hire a sales expert at a fraction of the cost. From the initial consultation, we will collaborate with you to identify and tackle the marketing, communications, sales and service issues that may be keeping your company from reaching top-line high performance.

We’ll have you getting qualified leads and guaranteed appointments with interested decision makers and closed deals to grow faster.

Hire & learn how our outsourced sales service can help you see a substantial increase in the number of leads you have in your pipeline.



Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Who Want To Become Great At Customer Acquisition

You’ll have exclusive access to Email Marketing Training including how to create high-performing email campaigns that drive results for your business.

You’ll also learn how to create a highly targeted email outreach, how to build lists and identify your ideal clients along with what to send that works and how to make your email marketing data driven.

Send better emails

Get access to learn how to create high-performing email campaigns that drive results for your business. Indulge- in so much excitement for so little. Please take advantage of our services today.


Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Who Want To Hire Copywriters

You’ll be able to hire a talented copywriter. In co-creation, we’ll create inspiring, standout content that connects with your audience. 

Working together we’ll design and create standout content that sparks conversation, drives conversion and brings visibility to your company.

Design better content

Learn how our content marketing solution can help you win your audience over.



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