Accelerate your business growth by becoming great at sales & email marketing. 

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Lead Generation Agency

A full-service sales & marketing agency for small businesses. We provide a “one-stop“ solution to your sales and marketing needs that are driven by flat-fee tasks to keep you current in the technological era.

Our mission is to give our clients not only deep leads but the mechanism to reach out to those cold leads in an effective way.



Outsourced Sales

Many organizations struggle to manage their generated leads or simply fail to generate enough leads.

No matter whether your a brand new start-up or  an established company, every business has common goals to both increase it's sales activity to gain market share and new customers.

Email Marketing 

Is Your Messaging Off?

One of the most effective means of reaching your target customers is to message them directly.

Your business survival depends on having paying customers that buy from you consistently.

Companies do not fail because they run out of money. They fail because they run out of customer’s orders.

Sales Coaching 

The difference between high growth and slow growth companies is the skill sets they have to make it happen.


Can I afford your services?

Our sales and marketing solutions are driven by flat-fee tasks designed to keep you current in the technological era.

We tailor our services to your needs.

In light of the global health crisis, we are offering flexible payment options. Money shouldn’t stand in the way of finding a service solution that works for your business.

Why Macventure?
We offer “one-stop” solutions to your sales and marketing needs that are driven by flat-fee tasks to keep you current in the technological era.

Imagine having everything you need to have well-paying customers that buy from you consistently. Now stop imagining and order it.

With our outsourced sales manager solution, you can leave behind the hustle and the drudgery of cold calling and all the other struggles that come along with trying to generate enough leads.

All you have to do is add this best in class service to your Sales/Marketing Mix.

With our one-stop sales solutions, we’ll have you getting qualified leads, guaranteed appointments with interested decision makers and closed deals to grow faster.

What do we get?
If the only thing you get is expert, insider understanding of how to fill your pipeline and the unique opportunities and pitfalls that come with it…

If the only thing you get is one dramatic breakthrough on how to find paying customers…

If the only thing you get is insight into which strategies work in today’s market and the know how to put your strategy into practice…

If you get any one of these things, it’ll be worth the investment and the time to attend. But you don’t get only one. You get them all.

Who would use our services?
A company looking to improve their business in the following areas:

Looking for a short-term temporary Sales Manager to grow your sales at an affordable fixed rate.

You have started your business and need to increase your clients.

We provide outsourced sales management for companies with no Sales Manager

You don’t have enough salespeople and/or work for a full-time Sales Manager.




Easy Way To Grow Your Business


Accelerate Your Business Growth


Learn advanced power selling skills to make your business lots of news sales


Access to experts at a fraction of the cost


Outsourced Sales Support


Learn how to create content that attracts and inspires


Learn how to build an automated system to capture leads online


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